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Shipping Methods Guide

This page shows you how to choose a shipping method for your order, estimate shipping cost and shipping times, and gives other useful information on cheaplaptopkeyboard's shipping process.

On this page:

Choose a Shipping Method

Calculate Shipping Costs

Estimate Delivery Time

Choose a Shipping Method

You can choose the shipping method you want on the Billing, Shipping, and Review page during the Checkout process. There are three main shipping methods to choose from:

Expedited Shipping
This shipping method is the fastest available. Normally, delivery times are between 3 - 5 working days to all major destinations. Shipping costs vary with item, but all orders that use expedited shipping will receive a 36% discount on shipping costs.

Standard Shipping
Standard shipping takes a bit longer than expedited shipping but costs less. Normally, delivery times are between 5 - 9 working days to all major destinations. Shipping costs vary with item, but all orders that use standard shipping will receive a 26% discount on shipping costs.

Super Saver Shipping(Air Mail)

For some items, there is an option to ship your order by Air Mail. If your order qualifies for shipping by Air Mail it will automatically appear as an option when you checkout. Delivery times are between 8 - 29 working days for all major destinations. Although the delivery time is much longer, shipping costs are much lower if this option is chosen. Order tracking and shipping insurance are not available with shipping by Air Mail. Please take this into consideration when choosing this option.

The above delivery estimates do not include order processing time.

Some of our items also have extra savings on shipping. Look out for following stickers on our products:

Any products with the Free Shipping sticker have no shipping costs, regardless of location or item quantity. Delivery times are usually the same as standard shipping.

Some products carry the Bulk Sale Free Shipping sticker. This means that shipping is free or discounted when a certain number of items are ordered. More details can be found on individual product information pages that carry this sticker.

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Calculate Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated individually for each order based on the number and weight of items in your order, as well as the shipping method chosen. For this reason, the price displayed on product information pages does not include shipping.

To estimate shipping cost for any product item or combination of items:

l On the item's product information page, click the Add to Cart button . You will be then taken to your Shopping Cart page.

l View the total shipping costs for the items in your cart under Estimate Shipping Costs at the bottom of the page.

l Choose the country you want your order delivered to from the Ship to: drop down menu for a more accurate calculation of your shipping costs.

l You can also access your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking the Cart at the top of every page on cheaplaptopkeyboard.com.
Adding an item to your shopping cart puts you under no obligation to order. If after viewing estimated shipping costs you no longer wish to order an item, simply click Delete next to the item name in your shopping cart to remove it.

Estimate Total Delivery Time

Before your order is shipped, pm18 has to process your order and put all your items through its strict quality control tests. Because of this, Total Delivery Time is different to shipping time alone.

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Packaging Time + Shipping Time

  • Processing Time

The time we received your order to the time we start packaging your order. The time to get your order looked at, your payment confirmed, and to make sure the shipping address is correct.
Minimum time: 1-2 working days.
We do not process your order on Sunday or holidays. Allow an additional 1 to 2 days for weekend orders.

  • Packaging Time

After your order is processed, we send it to the warehouse. If the product is still in stock, it will be shipped in a working day or two. You will be notified if your order is not in stock. Minimum time: 1-2 working days

  • Shipping Time

The time it takes for the shipping company to drive or fly your package to you. The time varies depending on which shipping method you choose.

Minimum time: 2 - 6 working days (with Expedited Shipping)

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